School Transportation Form

WCS Parents/Guardians,
Please use the following link to complete a school transportation form for the start of the upcoming school year. The form will ask parents/guardians to identify whether or not they will need school-provided transportation and also the correct pickup and dropoff locations for students. Parent/Guardian selections will lock you into opting in/out of school-provided transportation for the first quarter (10 weeks) of the school year.
*Please submit responses no later than Sunday, August 16th
**For parents/guardians with multiple students, a separate copy of this survey must be completed for each child.
***Please note that students will only be able to have one (1) AM pickup location and one (1) PM pickup location. The AM and PM locations may be different from each other and they do not have to be the student’s home address (i.e. daycare or other family member address) but the locations cannot be changed from day to day.