5/7/20 – First End of the Year Updates

All materials and resources are being complied on our Coronavirus Information Page located here. Please take the time to visit and find those resources at the end of each update.

May 7, 2020

Dear WCS Students & Parents/Guardians:

I hope you are all staying safe and health during this challenging time. In spite of the obstacles faced, I hope all of our students continue to be motivated, work hard, and persevere. If at any time your child is struggling and needs assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our teachers who are always there to assist both students and parents.

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide additional information on how we’ll address our annual end-of-year events, including Graduation for the Class of 2020. We know how important these moments are and will plan appropriate ways to celebrate student accomplishments. We will work closely with county and state health officials to find safe ways to honor all of our students, especially our graduates.

Classrooms, hallway lockers, and gym lockers are still filled with personal student items. We’ve had many requests for these items since last week’s announcement that school would be closed through the end of the academic year. In order to allow students to retrieve their personal items we are opening the building next Wednesday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to allow for pick up using the following guidelines:

  • Do not enter the building if you have a temperature, feel ill, or have reason to believe you have been in contact with someone who may be sick.
  • Only one adult and one child allowed in the building per family.
  • Everyone must wear a mask.
  • No loitering or visiting school staff. While we miss all of you very much, for everyone’s safety please avoid contact with school staff, enter the building to retrieve items, and leave immediately afterward.
  • Personal items for students in grades PK-3 will be sorted and placed in labeled bags in the main hallway for pickup.
  • Personal items for students in grades 4-12 can be retrieved directly from lockers.
  • Tables will be set up in each hallway where students can leave textbooks as they clean out their lockers.
  • Library books can be returned to school and placed on textbook tables as well.

I once again want to thank all of our students and parents/guardians for your patience and flexibility during this time. We are doing our best to face these challenges, and we know that our families are doing their best to balance school, work, family, and the demands of life in the current condition. We will continue to fine-tune our program to best meet the needs of our students and families.

Best Regards and Take Care,

Justin M. Gardner
Superintendent of School